Feel fearless bare-faced, on your journey to glowing skin.
                                                                                              -Fig & Seed Co.
The Founder

Meet Steph,
“I'm a 25 year old women living on the Mid North Coast, Aus. Skin insecurity has been a huge struggle for me for about 10 years now. Growing up, I lacked education around identifying what was causing acne and covered it up with makeup instead. I became passionate about natural skin healing and collaborated with professionals to develop an organic skincare range that is gentle yet effective and affordable.
In March 2021 Fig & Seed Co was born!
Launching this brand, I wanted other women to accept their blemishes and acne as it is only natural to have imperfect skin. I'm here to remind you that skincare is not the only thing that contributes to great skin but in fact your lifestyle, diet and sooo much more. It's not a quick fix but rather a consistent ritual to better skin."
Our Values
Cruelty Free: Our products are strictly tested on humans, not animals.
Natural ingredients: Our products are formulated and packaged in an environment that uses 100% natural and organic ingredients. We will never use any synthetic ingredients, just the most pure, genuine natural ingredients.
Australian Made: Our ingredients are sourced and formulated by an Australian manufacturer.
Troubled Skin Focused: Acne, eczema & sensitive skin are our speciality.
Gentle Formulas: Our ingredients have been carefully chosen to nourish, hydrate and soothe, so they won’t irritate the skin.